Grimes Dentistry‘s Dental Insurance Policy

woman entering insurance informationGrimes Dentistry cares about all our patients, and we will do everything in our power to give you the care you need! If you have a dental insurance policy, we hope to maximize the amount of charges paid by your dental insurance.

Some dental offices require that you pay everything in full and then ask you to file your own insurance claim. We, however, will use over 30 years of experience with insurance claims to help you with your dental insurance and treatment costs.

Grimes Dentistry files most insurance, if allowed by your insurance plan. Our office is sometimes allowed to take “assignment of benefits”. This is a big benefit for our patients, as we wait to be paid by your insurance contract. We estimate our patient’s part and you pay only that estimated portion at the time of service.

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Care Credit

We strive to accurately estimate what your insurance will pay toward your procedures. We deal, however, with over 100 different insurance companies, each with unique and frequently changing plan options. Sometimes a patient’s insurance company declines to pay a portion of, or even all, of a claim.

When needed, we will defend your claim by sending to your insurance company dental photos, x-rays, and written narratives to assist with your policy claim payment. Some dental insurance contracts are better than others, and less expensive insurance plans often pay fewer claims at lower reimbursement rates. Please remember that regardless of your insurance coverage, you are responsible for payment of all fees charged by this office.

Please remember, you are fully responsible for all charges from this office, regardless of your insurance coverage