Laser Fillings

Watch “Air Abrasions and Laser Fillings” with Dr. Grimes

Dental decay is an infection caused by bacteria. Laser energy destroys the bacteria in teeth, removing the disease much more comfortably. Grimes Dentistry is the ONLY dental office on the South Plains using the FDA approved FOTONA Lightwalker Erbium:YAG Laser. All doctors at Grimes Dentistry have completed comprehensive training and have been successful in performing thousands of dental laser procedures.

Bacteria bore holes into your tooth then spread laterally under the enamel. Because germs in the dentin aren’t easy to see, doctors using more conventional methods may leave hidden bacteria behind, but germs can’t hide from laser technology. The FOTONA Lightwalker Dental Laser produces a reaction when it encounters the tissue and obliterates the germs that cause decay. It is important that all the tooth bacteria be removed before a filling is placed, otherwise the germs are sealed inside your tooth where they can continue to grow and destroy healthy tissues. Tooth infections not properly treated are the leading cause for endodontic therapy (root canals).

The Lightwalker Dental Laser can make having a filling faster, less costly, and more comfortable. Local anesthesia and dental drills are often not needed with laser fillings. Our dental lasers are used to make sensitive teeth less painful and to desensitize teeth receiving dental fillings.

Grimes Dentistry uses laser energy during treatment to seal nerve endings and blood vessels resulting in a much less painful experience during and after laser treatment. The lasers also promote faster healing of teeth and soft tissues.

Ask the doctors at Grimes Dentistry if you could benefit from laser fillings. Call us to schedule an appointment at 806-79-TEETH or Grimes Dentistry Phone Number 806-798-3384.