Non Surgical Root Canal

Root canals do not have to be scary or traumatic. A root canal might allow you to keep an adult tooth. Dr. Grimes, Dr. Mathur, Dr. Yazdani and Dr. Mattlage has received advanced training in root canal therapy. He has performed several thousand root canal procedures over the past 30+ years. Drs. Grimes, Mathur, Yazdani and Mattlage is also one of the only South Plains doctors performing Laser Assisted Root Canals, which means Dr. Grimes’s Erbium:YAG Laser makes his root canals cleaner and more precise.

A root canal closely resembles a filling, but rather than fill the enamel (the outside layer of your tooth), a root canal procedure fills the tooth root. In fact, a root canal is often referred to as a “root filling.” Research shows that results are improved when ALL the bacteria and ALL infected tooth pulp is removed prior to the root being filled. This is where the Erbium:YAG laser has its impact.

Many teeth don’t have a simple pulp canal system. Much of the pulp from your teeth have curved caverns, fins, lateral canals, and canals that split into other canals. Simply cleaning the main root canals is not sufficient. Drs. Grimes, Mathur, Yazdani and Mattlage irrigates your tooth with a disinfectant and does something extra, something unique. He inserts his Erbium:YAG laser into the pulp chamber and activates it. The laser energy heats and sonically vibrates the medication in the roots helping it clean every fin and lateral canal all the way to the tip of the root. It’s vitally important not to fill your root until it’s properly cleaned and disinfected. Although no doctor can guarantee a tooth can be saved, Drs. Grimes, Mathur, Yazdani and Mattlage’s track record for endodontic success exceeds the 95% national average.

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Very professional, pleasant, efficient.

- Patrica P

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

The entire staff here has made us feel over many years part of their family ! They are not only interested in our Dental needs, they know our family and care ! Dr. Robert Grimes has a heart of gold and is very knowlegable about our needs!!! It makes you want to go to the Dentist more often. Cinnamon and Terrie has made me and my son feel so comfortable when we have our teeth cleaned ! You cannot go wrong with them and their Staff , Hope and everyone there cannot brag on them enough ! Thank you for many years of friendship !

- Barry C

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