Gum Disease Laser Therapy in Lubbock TX

Laser assisted gum procedures have revolutionized the way we treat patients at Grimes Dentistry. Most dentists don’t offer laser periodontal procedures, and the few who do usually use only one laser. Grimes Dentistry is the only dental provider in Lubbock offering Twin Light tm Laser Gum Surgery.

Our highly trained team of doctors use the FOTONA Erbium:YAG laser to obliterate deep root tarter, the infectious particles that are often missed, yet must be thoroughly removed to effectively regrow lost bone. Next our doctors use the Nd:YAG laser to biostimulate bone regrowth. Dr. Grimes, Dr. Mathur and Dr. Lewis use both FOTONA lasers to safely target the affected tissues.

FOTONA Twin Light tm Gum Surgery has very few complications. It’s less invasive and much less painful than conventional gum surgeries. Most patients need only Tylenol or Advil the evening of the procedure and they return to work the next day. The FOTONA laser incorporates advanced laser technology that ensures excellent results while making the procedure quicker and as painless as possible. The recovery time is minimal for most patients. FOTONA Twin Light Gum Surgery is highly effective and might be your best choice. Drs. Grimes, Mathur and Lewis will let you know all your options for your gums.